Novel Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences
September 24-26, 2018 Philadelphia USA

Venue & Hospitality

Philadelphia is the biggest city in Pennsylvania state. At the time of the Revolution in America, it was the largest and prestigious city. William Penn endowed it as a place of spiritual understanding, its spirit inspired the early steps towards independence. It is also known as CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE because PHILADELPHIA stands for that in Greek, Philos, "love" or "friendship", and adelphos, "brother".

Philadelphia is the home of the leading public schoolhouse in the USA which was opened in 1698, it was also a scout in the education of talented children, placing special admission schools to meet the needs and abilities in different areas. Philadephia is also known for healthcare as there are more than 100 infirmaries in the metropolitan area with six medical schools. Not only that it also has many schools in the fields of nursing, dentistry, and pharmacology. Pennsylvania Hospital, which is a part of University of Pennsylvania Health System, is the oldest hospital in the USA, founded in 1751 AD by Dr Thomas Bond and Benjamin Franklin.

An estimated three million travellers visit Philadelphia each year, attracted by the city's famous and artistic charms. The Philadelphia Convention Center is located in the central historic district, has hoisted the prosperity by generating new jobs in the service and retail sectors, as growing numbers of convention delegates visit Philadelphia.

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